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FREE Trial Version

OctaGate Switch will function as a FREE trial version that will expire after 21 days.

If you haven't completed your evaluation of OctaGate Switch during the evaluation period, you can request an trial period extension. This will allow you an additional week of testing. This process can be repeated a limited number of times.

You will NOT need to download a new copy of OctaGate Switch after you've purchased the product, it's the same program. When purchasing OctaGate Switch you will receive a registration code, once entered into OctaGate Switch, this code will lift the time limit.

Current Version

The current OctaGate Switch version is 2.2.51, released on 2009-12-10. If you're already running OctaGate Switch, and want to see what version you are running, please start OctaGate Switch Web Administration. On the  Main Page the running OctaGate Switch version is presented.

You can check our Change Log to verify what has changed for this version.

OctaGate Switch 2.2.51, Service Version

This version is recommended for users that run Windows 4.0, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. It will install as a service on your computer and will run even if no user is logged on to the computer.

________ Click here to download OctaGate Switch Service Version.


OctaGate Switch 2.2.51, Program Version

This version is recommended for users that run Windows 98 or Windows ME. It will install as a program in the Startup folder of windows, and a user must be logged on for the server to function. This version will work on Windows 4.0, Windows 2000 and Windows XP also, but not as a service.

________ Click here to download OctaGate Switch Program Version.


OctaGate Switch Documentation / Help file

The OctaGate Switch documentation can be found online here.

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