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Reverse Proxy / HTTP Tunnel
Do you have any of the following problems?

Do you need to host several web servers on a single IP number?
Do you want to send a spefic url path to a separate web server?
Are you looking for reverse proxy?
Do you want HTTPS/SSL support for some of your web servers?
Do you need a web interface for your reverse proxy?

OctaGate Switch can solve these problems for you - and more!

How OctaGate Switch Solves these Problems

OctaGate Switch scans each request as it comes in and determines which server the request should be directed to!

With OctaGate Switch you can specify server per request down to the path or even document level!

OctaGate Switch is a fully featured reverse proxy!

OctaGate Switch can also work as an HTTPS Tunnel, allowing you to add SSL support to your web sites!

All OctaGate Switch settings can be altered through a very productive web interface!

You can combine the reverse proxy with the various other features present in OctaGate Switch, like SSL/HTTPS, load balancing and HTTP Compression.

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Further Benefits

Other reverse proxy solutions can't be evaluated as easily and cheaply as OctaGate Switch, download it for a FREE trial today and find out if it fits your needs!

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