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HTTP Compression
HTTP Compression

Get more out of your internet connection
Decrease download times by as much as 3 to 5 times
Process more transactions faster
Works with ANY web server, no just IIS
Happier surfers, that aren't waiting for pages
Save money on internet bandwidth

OctaGate Switch compresses data before it is sent to the browser. Some formats, like XML, ASP, JSP, DHTML and HTML can be compressed by as much as 90%! For most web applications, this reduces the bandwidth needed by about 30%! If your application is very text intensive, the savings can be much greater.

For pure HTML pages the download time can be reduced 90%. If you're thinking about upgrading your internet cable to support the load, try OctaGate Switch instead!

Stand Alone HTTP Compression

If the CPU load of your web server is light, then OctaGate Switch doesn't need a separate computer! But if the CPU of your web server is loaded, you can place OctaGate Switch with HTTP Compression on a separate computer. If you don't use HTTP Compression, you won't need a separate computer, even if the CPU is loaded. This is because OctaGate Switch without HTTP Compression uses very little CPU.

You can combine http compression with the various other features present in OctaGate Switch, like SSL/HTTPS and HTTP Load Balancing.

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