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HTTP Load Balancing
Do you have any of the following problems?

Is your web server overloaded?
Do you want to protect your web site from server failure?
Are you looking for an affordable load balancing solution?

OctaGate Switch can solve these problems for you - and more!

How OctaGate Switch Solves these Problems

OctaGate Switch performs load balancing, allowing you to use multiple servers to handle the load previously handled by your single web server!

OctaGate Switch features server failover, if one of your web servers crash, users will automatically be moved to the servers that are still working!

At $950, OctaGate Switch is a very competetively priced load balancing solution!

You can combine load balancing with the various other features present in OctaGate Switch, like SSL/HTTPS and HTTP Compression.

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Further Benefits

Other load balancing solutions can't be evaluated as easily and cheaply as OctaGate Switch, download it for a FREE trial today and find out if it fits your needs!

As opposed to many other load balancing solutions, OctaGate Switch allows you to set capacity per server, allowing you to use servers of different capacity without the slowest server setting the pace for all.

At $950, OctaGate Switch costs far less than other load balancing solutions, making it a very competetive solution.

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