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OctaGate Switch Features
Multiple Web Servers on One IP
OctaGate Switch lets you intercept all incoming HTTP requests, and determine by target host and path what server the request should be redirected to. This enables you to place multiple servers behind a single IP address.
Run a Web Mail Interface on your Web Server
With OctaGate Switch, you can easily run a Web Mail Interface and a Web Server on the same computer and port! Your web site remains at www.domain.com and your web mail interface gets a friendly URL like mail.domain.com.
HTTP Load Balancing with Failover
Improve your site uptime and capacity by adding more servers, and let OctaGate Switch send each new visitor to the most responsive server. With failover, if a web server dies, your users won't hardly notice! HTTP Load Balancing is only available on OctaGate Switch Enterprise.
Divided Site
OctaGate Switch lets you divide a single site over several servers, based on the path and or document requested. This can be useful if you have a web application or web service that's located on another server than the main site. It can also be used as a simple form of load balancing.
HTTP Compression
Use HTTP Compression to reduce your sites download times to up to 3 to 5 times! XML, ASP, CGI, JSP, DHTML and HTML compresses to about 1/10 of the original size, and overall web sites typically become 30% faster. HTTP Compression is only available on OctaGate Switch Advanced and OctaGate Switch Enterprise.
Organize Web Servers
If you run multiple web sites you may want to migrate them around between different computers, depending on their load. OctaGate Switch lets you do this transparently.
W3C Compliant Logfile
OctaGate Switch now produces a single W3C log file for all sites, a file that can be analyzed by all major W3C log file analyzers. It even works for Load Balanced servers, making it look like they were actually one web server.
SOAP Web Services Maintenance
OctaGate Switch lets you move your web services around, while they maintain the same external path.
FREE Trial Version
We encourage you to download our FREE trial version and try it out before you buy it.
Secure Online Purchasing
Buying OctaGate Switch online is completely safe, due to our partners Share*It and their very long experience in selling software online.
Works With ANY Web Server
OctaGate Switch will work with any web server you connect it to, and the web server can run on any operating system.
Low Hardware Requirements
OctaGate Switch does not require a separate computer, but can co-exist with your web server.
Site Licenses
We offer competitively priced Site Licenses.
OctaGate Switch is administrated through a web interface. You can remotely administer your OctaGate Switch server - no matter where you are!
We here at OctaGate Switch are committed to giving you, our customers, the best support we possibly can, this includes a FAQ file that's continuously updated, a free forum where we help users and a dedicated support email address.
Selective IP Binding
If you have several network cards and/or IP addresses on your computer, you can select which of them OctaGate Switch will respond on. For example, you might want to bind port 85 on one internal IP number, and port 80 on another internal IP number.
OctaGate Switch can be configured to handle a wide number of domains. Different Licenses allow different number of domains.
Each domain can have several virtual paths that can be connected to other servers than the main server for the domain. This way, you can, per path and/or document, determine which server should handle a request. Different licenses allow different numbers of virtual paths.
A domain is typically of the form "www.MYDOMAIN.com", but you may also want to route all incoming requests for "MYDOMAIN.com" or "web.MYDOMAIN.com" to the same server. Different licenses allow different numbers of virtual domains.

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